Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)2019-09-17T11:48:29+01:00

What is a Power Purchase Agreement or a PPA?

In its simplest form, a Power Purchase Agreement is a contract between an energy generator and an energy supplier for the purchase of energy.
An energy generator would be any business that has a generation asset. For example, a Solar, Wind or Combined Heat and Power solution that generates more energy than is required on-site and as such have an excess that they can sell.
As with all energy, the excess generation is a commodity and there is a market for its purchase within the energy industry.
The Power Purchase Agreement is the contract between the generator and the supplier for the purchase of the generated energy.

How can we help?

As with any import supply you are free to choose which supplier you contract with.
eyebright work with a range of suppliers that offer a host of different products that suit different needs and technologies. So whether you are exploring the export market for the first time or have an existing agreement which you would like to review, eyebright can offer you the assistance you need.
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