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Energy procurement

Everything it takes for us to get started is a recent bill or a signed Letter of Authority. Based on your energy consumption details, we will compile an easy-to- understand benchmark report listing the most suitable contract options available to you. We have direct access to more than twenty energy suppliers which includes the big players of the UK energy market as well as smaller ‘niche’ suppliers, and use our own, in-house developed software to generate fast and accurate quotes.

Energy contract management

Our fully comprehensive contract management service goes far beyond the initial price comparison. We also take care of all the negotiations, terminations and paperwork involved in renewing with your existing supplier or for completing a switch. Your dedicated, named Account Manager is only one call or email away. They will resolve any issues that may arise with your supplier and contact you before your contract end date approaches.

Energy efficiency

Saving energy is not only good for the environment, but also for your pocket. We provide very competitive green energy rates on every supplier benchmark report, and can also advise you on how to increase your energy efficiency through behavioural changes, or installing and working with a smart meter.

What else?

Additionally, our clients have access to the following services:
  • Bill validation: We analyse your previous electricity and gas bills, and negotiate refunds on overpayments on your behalf, where applicable
  • Handling unwanted utility calls: Refer cold callers to us and we will deal with them
  • Change of tenancy: When you move into or out of business premises, we manage the change of your business energy contract

Our energy supplier portfolio

Scottish Southern Energy SSE
Scottish Power
Npower Logo
Total Gas Power new
DUAL energy
Opus Energy
Corona Energy
Corona Green Energy
DONG energy
Contract Natural Gas
United Gas & Power
Ultima Energy
Smartest Energy
Hudson Energy
Crown Gas Power
D Energi
Simple Gas
Dyce Energy

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