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High electricity and gas users

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If your business has a half-hourly metered electricity supply, more than 25 electricity meters or a gas supply above 700,000 kWh, we can help you with a variety of services specific to high and complex energy uses.

Bespoke energy procurement

To start the process, we need to review your energy consumption. Once we know how much energy you use, when, and how, we put your supply out to tender with our energy supplier network.

Our energy supplier portfolio includes more than twenty energy suppliers. We do not only work with the big players of the UK energy market but can also tender your supply to ‘niche’ energy suppliers you may not be aware of.

We then benchmark the different offers and compile the most relevant options in an easy-to-understand overview. Our independent guidance will help you to choose the best energy options for your business based on the current market conditions and your current and future requirements.

Flexible buying

For businesses that consume more than 20 GWh of electricity, we can compare flexible energy products for you and help you take control of your energy strategy. If your business needs budgetary certainty, we recommend our bespoke fixed tariffs.

Energy contract management

Our fully comprehensive contract management includes all the negotiations, terminations and other paperwork involved in renewing with your existing supplier or for completing a switch. On top of that, we can resolve any issues that may arise with your supplier, and provide you with monthly energy market reports and contract renewal alerts.

Energy efficiency

Saving energy is not only good for the environment, but also for your pocket. We provide affordable carbon neutral energy rates on every supplier benchmark report and can also help you to increase your energy efficiency. Our support includes:

  • kVA, MOP, and DC analyses
  • Smart metering and energy monitoring solutions
  • Assessment of where, when, and how you use, and potentially waste energy
  • Expert advice on technologies for renewable energy production
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
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Many businesses we work with change, grow and expand. If you are planning to open or move into a new site, we can negotiate
  • New connections
  • New meters
  • Service alternations
  • MOP and DC agreements
  • Temporary supply contracts and meters

Our energy suppliers

Scottish Southern Energy SSE
Scottish Power
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Total Gas Power new
Opus Energy
DUAL energy
DONG energy
Corona Green Energy
Contract Natural Gas
United Gas & Power
Ultima Energy
Smartest Energy
Hudson Energy
Crown Gas Power
D Energi

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