TPI Code of Practice

For energy Third Party Intermediaries

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The energy market to date is unregulated. Regardless, we strive to be role models for our industry, and are signatories to the “Third Party Intermediary (TPI) Code of Practice” for micro businesses. This means, we have made a commitment to work within a set of guidelines put in place to ensure that our customers receive the best possible quality of service. The guidelines make a number of requirements of eyebright. You can view the TPI Code of Practice Guidelines here.

Here is a short summary of the code’s key points:

  • Auditing – We are open to audit once a year to ensure that we are sticking to the TPI code of practice and if we are found to be in breach we can be fined or suspended from selling certain products.
  • Compliance & Complaints – We have a clear complaints system in place however, if you’re complaint is not resolved within 7 working days you may escalate it directly to the TPI and have a code manager look into it.
  • Our Staff – We run background checks on our staff to ensure they are fit and proper for the business as well as continuously providing training to meet any gaps in their knowledge.
  • Letters of Authority – We use these to be able to speak on your behalf to suppliers but this does not allow us to contract on your behalf, simply to negotiate with old and new suppliers. This is what our LOA looks like.
  • Data Protection Act – We are a registered business under the Data Protection Act (DPA) and adhere stringently to the legislation to protect you from unwanted marketing by email or telephone.