Support for Business Water

Support for Business Water2020-04-23T09:57:56+01:00

During the COVID-19 pandemic The Scottish Government and the water industry have agreed an emergency support package worth £60 million. This package has been designed to help businesses who are struggling with water charges during these uncertain times.

From the beginning of April, Scottish Water have agreed to suspend pre-payment charges, for licensed water providers, for 2 months. This allows providers who supply water to businesses to be accommodating with customers facing difficulties.

The support package has been developed by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS), Scottish Water and the Central Market Agency (CMA) in conjunction with the Scottish Government.

Other measures introduced by the Central Market Agency include the suspension of all performance standard charges. This will further enable licensed providers to focus on supporting customers.

Full details of the package will be sent out via letter to licensed providers in the coming weeks.

To minimise the disruption caused by coronavirus within the competitive retail market, this support is an additional package that has been designed to work alongside other support available to businesses, already released by both the Scottish and UK governments.

If you need any support with you provider, please do get in touch or visit our COVID-19 support page: