Could White Space fill your broadband void?

White Space as a new cutting-edge piece of technology has the power to totally alter and shift the landscape of digital telecommunications. The benefits that have been discovered brings many advantages to the table for everyone, but especially so for businesses in rural areas. For more information on rural internet options read our previous blog post. In this article, we will explain what white space is and if you could potentially benefit from it.

What is White Space?

White space is jargon for the unused broadcasting frequencies within a wireless range. The scope is created when there are gaps between television channels. White space frequencies can vary by location but generally range from 470MHz to 790MHz, which are considered UHF. These spaces make up similar broadband access that are commonly known as 3G or 4G.

What can White Space enable?

Signals that are sent over frequencies abandoned by TV or radio can travel further than any current Wi-Fi signals and are less affected by any deterrent. This means that signals can travel round hills, through stone walls and trees, and even over water. White Space networks can run across up to 10 kilometres.

In the UK’s rural areas this will enable businesses to be connected to the world beyond their current technological reach. White Space technology is perfect for increasing internet speed to primarily rural areas when other wire and wireless options technology is not strong enough to support useful features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and large-scale fibre infrastructure is too expensive for instant and immediate relief. However, if you would like to find out more about the benefits of fibre broadband, read our previous blog post.

What is happening now?

Microsoft have dedicated a lot of their time and money into increasing productivity within the wireless spectrum. They have even reached out across the globe bringing white space technology to places like Jamaica, Namibia, or Philippines.

As for the UK, The Scottish Government have been at the forefront for testing White Space technology with a high-profile trial in Bute. The 18-month trial was the first of its kind within the UK and helped demonstrate the viability of using White Space technology. For more information on the Scottish Governments involvement, read our previous blog post all about digital Scotland.

What could it mean for you?

The benefits of White Space technology could be truly life changing for any rural business:

  • White space is inexpensive and reliable
  • White space can reach rural areas where other options fail
  • White space allows your business to connect, innovate and grow

Moreover, White Space will give rural communities in less developed countries around the globe access to education and knowledge, and could lead to a new internet savvy generation

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