What is the OJEU?

What is the OJEU?

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OJEU, previously OJEC, is the Official Journal of the European Union. All public sector tenders with a value above a certain threshold are published here. Organisations which receive public money are covered by this legislation and may include Local Authorities, MOD, NHS Trusts, Education Trusts and other Government Departments.

The journal is published every working day, there are as many as 2500 notices advertised each week – including invitations to tender, prior information notices, qualification systems and contract award notices.

The Journal is divided into three parts;

  • The L Series contains EU legislation including regulation, directive, decisions, recommendations and opinions.
  • The C Series contains EU information and notices including the judgements of the European Courts, calls for expression of interest for EU programmes and projects; public contracts for food aid’ etc.
  • The S Series contains invitations to tender for
    • Contracts for works, supplies and services from public sector organisations in all EU Member States
    • Contracts from utility companies operating in the water, energy, transport and telecommunications sectors
    • Contracts from EU insitutions
    • European Development Fund contracts (ACP countries)
    • Phare, Tacis and other contracts from central and eastern Europe
    • European Investment Bank, European Central Bank, and European Bank for Reconsruction and Development financed projects
    • European Economic Area contracts (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)
    • Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) from Switzerland
    • Notices concerning European economic interest groups (EEIGs)
    • Public contracts for air services

Is Brexit going to affect OJEU?

No changes will take effect until the end of 2020 states the UK government. This is to assist businesses with any changes and will more than likely be extended.

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