Vintage Venue Goes Green

At eyebright, we’re proud to support our clients with their sustainability and energy strategies, especially as more organisations decide to make the switch to greener energy. Whilst renewable energy grew only 3% in 2020*, we’re confident that more firms will be implementing this strategy in the future.

One such firm that’s applying a fully renewable energy solution is Surgeons Quarter in Edinburgh. The Ten Hill Place Hotel, Events spaces, Travel agency and Café 1505 at Surgeons Quarter are set in a historic and vintage location, with the buildings being hundreds of years old and the institution dating back to 1505.

Renewable Energy Tariff

From the outset, the Surgeons Quarter team including Financial Controller Neil Johnston and Managing Director Scott Mitchell were strong advocates for finding a utilities solution that delivered sustainability both in terms of having strong green credentials moving forward combined with the security of robust, long-term, financial planning to future-proof the organisation.

One of the values of Surgeons Quarter is “Considerate” and the organisation strives to provide a considerate service to all stakeholders, but also apply a thoughtful approach to the environment too.

Accordingly we began sourcing tariffs that would meet the agreed objectives. We successfully found a plan that met all Neil’s criteria by being 100% renewable and to ensure budgets were protected.

Surgeons Quarter now has a fully renewable energy solution that’s kind to the environment. The energy is generated using wind and hydro technology and is sourced right here in Scotland.

We estimate that the carbon saved by switching to renewable energy will be 790 tonnes per year – that’s 3,430 return trips from London to Rome.

Moving To Renewable Energy

If your organisation is keen to know more about renewable energy, then we’re ready to help. We start by listening and understanding your requirements and objectives. Once we find a range of tariffs that meet your agreed goals we present our findings and help you make the switch.

To get started, call our knowledgeable energy procurement team on 0141 530 4152 or email enquiries@eyebrightutilities.co.uk.

Thank you to Surgeons Quarter for the opportunity to work alongside them to design and implement their strategy. If you haven’t visited their website before then please do: www.surgeonsquarter.com. The 4 four star city centre hotel, Ten Hill Place, is highly regarded and a wonderful location if you’re staying in Edinburgh.




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