Top 5 Benefits of Geothermal Energy

Top 5 Benefits of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the energy stored in the form of heat beneath the earth’s surface and is a renewable source which is present all over the globe. Geothermal energy is partially created by the heat from the earth’s core however, the other 50% is generated by radioactive decay of other elements.

#1 Geothermal Energy is Reliable

Geothermal energy adds reliability to the power system. As it can be produced as a base load renewable energy resource, meaning that it can operate 24/7 regardless of the weather.

#2 Geothermal Energy is Environmentally Friendly

Since it is extracted from the earth without burning fossil fuels and produce virtually zero emissions. Geothermal energy only emits a small amount of greenhouse gases proving it is a clean energy source.

#3 Geothermal Energy has no Expiry Date

Unlike fossil fuels or other types of energy that has an expiry date eventually. Geothermal does not have that issue.

#4 Geothermal Energy Systems – Little or None

Geothermal systems need little to none maintenance. The life span of a geothermal heat pump systems is extensive as they can usually last over two decades.

#5 Geothermal is local

As previously mentioned in the opening, geothermal is everywhere on earth meaning it is local to everyone. Traditional forms of energy require the energy to be harnessed and then distributed throughout the region, with geothermal that doesn’t have to happen. Currently the UK does not have any current geothermal plants however, there is potential.

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