How Smart Meters can help you to become a smarter energy user

Smart Meters are being rolled out through out the UK at a rapid rate and if your business doesn’t have one yet then it will do in the very near future. Here at eyebright we firmly believe that’s a good thing.

Having a Smart Meter puts the power of energy management back in the hands of the end user and gives you the opportunity to effect real change in the way that you use your energy.

Smart Meters are advertised as a means of providing your supplier with an accurate read which s great as it means no more estimated bills, but if that’s all you let your Smart Meter do then you are only using it to a fraction of its functions.

The data that the Smart Meter is providing the supplier is exceptionally power information combined with the right tools and a basic understanding of your energy supply. Using the data combined with a solid online reporting suite you can really start to investigate where your business wastes energy.

“What impact would it have on your business if you ensured that all PCs, printers, and photocopiers where switched off at night? Did someone leave a light on?”

These are all things that can now be measured to an accurate cost and you can start to implement behavioural improvements based on the information the meter is providing.

“Have you recently upgraded a piece of equipment? Have you ramped up production?”

You can now start to ensure the impact these operational changes and the impact they have on your energy usages are measured.

“Have you ever considered how one site compares to another based on their size and usage?”

You can create league tables where all sites are ranked based on their size and usage.

The information you can produce is wide but exceptional powerful in the right hands. Energy efficiency can now be driven by you and its couldn’t be simpler to get started on the road to cost reduction and a lower carbon footprint.

With P272 more businesses than ever will have access to Smart Meters and half hourly data. Be smart and make sure you choose a Data Collector (DC) that provides solid tools to analyse the data, and ask an energy management company like eyebright for help if you aren’t sure about the implications of the data. Let’s talk!

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