Why is a smart meter smarter than other meters?

You can’t turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or open a newspaper these days without seeing an advert from Smart Energy GB telling you about the next generation of energy metering. But what is so “smart” about these new meters, and why should your business be looking to upgrade? Here are some reasons for you to consider:

They “talk” to your supplier

No more estimated bills! All smart meters come with a Sim Card built in that will communicate your current meter reading to your supplier so you no longer have to make that phone call or enter the information somewhere. It’s a tedious task that will shortly become obsolete as all your bills will be accurate all the time.

They “talk” to you

With the Smart Meter now capturing the data every 30 mins that opens up a whole world of opportunities for you to explore ways to reduce your consumption. The data the meter is producing can be manipulated in to graphs and tables for user friendly interaction. The phrase “information is power” has never been more apt as you will now be able to tell if some one left the lights on in the office at night or if that new fridge that was supposed to be more cost efficient than it actually is.

If you have multiple offices or sites you can compare them side by side, set benchmarks, league tables and many other cost saving initiatives. The data is extremely powerful and in the right hands it will help your business become smarter in the way you use your energy.

Picture a scenario where you have set a monthly target for usage based on your budget. However, due to staff negligence and lack of accountability in regards to energy wasted,  you go over that budget. There isn’t much to identify this until your bill comes in at the end of the Month. By that point, its too late, and the costs have already spiraled and mounted up. Now, what if you could have your Smart Meter notify you that your usage is outside of your normal parameters, through simple email or text message?

The information and technology is there, we just need to roll out it to everyone.

If you have any questions, are considering to install a smart meter, or would like to make better use of your smart meter data, please contact us!

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