Focus on: Quartermile Estates

In this “Focus on” article, we are sharing another client success story. A case where we could help a great local business improve their utilities management, and make a difference through significant savings and maximum support.

The situation

Quartermile Estates are developers of high end office, apartment and retail space. Primarily located around the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, their portfolio comprises some truly stunning properties designed by world class architects. eyebright were introduced to Quartermile through our affinity scheme with Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Scotland. The Essential Edinburgh BID brought us in to audit Quartermile’s current annual spend on energy and their telecoms as the company felt they weren’t receiving the best value for money. Given the size and scale of their operation it was very difficult for them to improve their utilities management without the necessary industry expertise.

The process

We took a two-pronged approach to Quartermile’s utilities, given the sheer scale of the project.


Initially we collected the data relating to all of the energy bills – meter IDs, meter readings, gas bills, electricity bills – and mapped out their current position. Once we could see their areas of highest spend, their tariffs and contractual position, we then negotiated with our approved supplier panel the best possible rates for the customer.


Following this, we looked into Quartermile’s spend on telecoms. Using the same analytical approach, we found their pain spots, their over charged lines and rates and managed to get them cheaper contracts for the latest technologies.

The results

Quartermile saved upwards of £30,000.00 per year on their energy, and around £2,000.00 per year on telecoms, roughly a one quarter saving on their previous spend.

We pride ourselves in building relationships with our clients and are looking forward to being involved in Quartermile’s next development projects that will no doubt be beautiful additions to our beautiful Scottish capital.

If you are looking to improve your utilities management, and save time and money on your energy, water and telecoms, please contact us!

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