3 reasons why “Project Nexus” could prove revolutionary for UK gas customers

Project Nexus is an upgrade to the UK’s gas IT infrastructure that primarily centres around how data is passed between the Central Data Service Provider for the UK gas market (Xoserve), and gas suppliers. Here is why we think that the revolutionary changes that are scheduled for June 2017 can benefit UK gas customers:

#1 Suppliers will receive more detailed information about the customers they supply and their usage.

One of the biggest changes is that consumptions for individual meters are now required to be updated monthly rather than annually which will allow for more accurate forecasting and billing by your supplier.

#2 Independent Networks will now have to follow the same process as the rest of the industry.

Independent Gas Transporters (iGTs) for the first time will have to make all their data available to Xoserve which is huge step for customers with meters on their networks. It will allow a lot more suppliers to quote for their business which will hopefully create a more competitive market for their supply, and consequently cheaper rates and improved service levels.

#3 Nexus lays the foundations for improved gas smart metering as it continues to play catch up to the electricity market.

The project is a key enabler for the UK Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) as it provides improved capability to process the increasing volumes of meter reads that a mass smart meter roll-out will generate.

As with all IT projects of this size there is a knock-on effect to the industry. For this project that means that no supplier will be able to submit data to Xoserve between 23rd of May and the 31st of May. This is only a minor inconvenience and the end user should see no impact at all as any communications that should be sent during this time will be collated and sent on the 1st of June.

If you have any queries about Project Nexus please do get in touch as one of our advisors will be happy to discuss it further and establish if there are any impacts to your business you need to consider.

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