How best to protect and defend your business against a DDoS attack

DDoS attacks have been mentioned far and wide in the news. The attacks have impacted online services ranging from Russian Banks to Spotify, Twitter, the Clinton and Trump US Election websites and everyone in between. Online problems are a persistent issue and can have a significant impact on the profitability of a business if not handled in the correct way.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an effort to bring down a website or online facility via crushing and overloading it with circulation. For businesses, this results in customers being unable to access their website, unable to make purchases and far more likely to move on to a competitor. The website is flooded with traffic, shutting down services and blocking legitimate customers from accessing the service. DDoS activity differs from other nefarious online activity such as hacking in the fact there is no instantaneous reward for the aggressor; with hacking, there is instant access to information or breaching a network, with a DDoS attack the principal result is simply to block a service. The outcome is frustrated clients, damaged reputation and loss of custom ers.

This leaves us with the question of how best to protect and defend against a DDoS attack.

Know your website

The aim of a DDoS attack is to overwhelm a website with traffic so the first step in preventing this is to know what your routine traffic patterns look like. Establishing a baseline for activity on the website over a certain course of time makes it far easier to spot a spike in activity and to then question if the spike has a genuine basis or is the beginning of DDoS attack.

Buy in bulk

Purchasing excess bandwidth on your system creates extra safety in the same way stocking up on fuel before a car journey prepares you for an unexpected diversion. If demand on the website spikes you are covered by the surplus capability available and the website is not overcome. Many service providers can provide this on an ad-hoc basis so you are able to upgrade your bandwidth as and when it is required rather than having an ongoing excessive cost for unused capabilities.

Choose your ISP

If your company is being affected by a DDoS attack, it is highly likely to be impacting on your internet provider as well. In addition to having services dedicated to DDoS protection, the ISP provider may also be able to detect and assess DDoS attacks and reroute the traffic from the website. Having a back-up ISP on hand is a secondary option that can keep the website afloat.

Work with a DDoS Specialist

Specialist DDoS mitigation companies are available who are trained to deal with the large attacks. In the case of bigger businesses who rely on online traffic and sales for everyday business requirements, having an ongoing arrangement with a DDoS specialist can be a prudent investment. The infrastructure and nous of a specialist can limit the impact and time-scale of a DDoS attack substantially.

Would you like to take action to protect your business against DDoS attacks? eyebright can help! Please get in touch to find out more.


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