Northern Irish Commercial Gas Costs

Energy Prices NI

Northern Irish energy supplier, firmus, has announced that it intends to increase the cost of its tariffs. The move, which will see costs increase for domestic and commercial customers, will mean tariffs in the Ten Towns network will rise from 3rd December 2021, by over a third.

The gas supplier had already raised their energy charges by 35% in October and this further increase is likely to leave many businesses questioning whether they are on the best rate.

firmus energy has apologised for the rise in costs but stated “This is a not a firmus issue, but a challenge faced by every local and national supplier of gas and electricity all of whom, sooner or later, will have to further increase their prices to meet the huge upsurges which have taken place in wholesale energy costs.”

Evaluating Your Supplier

Deciding how your organisation should proceed can be a challenging process when energy prices are fluctuating. That’s why it’s helpful to have an experienced energy consultant in your corner.

Jonathan Reeves, Director at eyebright, said “This is the time where energy consultants really show their knowledge, skill and value. It’s a frustrating and worrying time for organisations trying to forecast their expenditure and plan for the future as we exit the pandemic.

Through our understanding of the energy market and extensive experience with suppliers, we’ve managed to ensure the vast majority of our clients have avoided the energy crisis pitfalls to date. However, with prices rising it’s an opportunity to integrate our service within a customer’s business to understand their short, medium and long term plans, then utilise our experience to provide a tailored energy strategy.”

We can support organisations like yours across the whole of the UK. To find out how we can assist your business and guide you through these difficult times with a holistic energy plan, please get in touch.

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