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We have many customers that require a comprehensive energy solution to meet their multi-site utility needs. Organisations that have multiple different sites or numerous meters in one location for their gas and electricity can find it complex and time consuming to manage. With various contract end dates, bills which need to be validated and potentially various suppliers, it can become a confusing and arduous process for you and your colleagues.

We’ve summarised information that can help you with your multi-site meters and explained more about how our revolutionary technology can help you save time, money and hassle.

Managing Multiple Business Meters

Multi Site Business Meter

We love speaking to customers, but even we know that you would rather be focussing on your business than repetitively speaking about your energy meter contracts. If you have numerous meters then each contract needs to be renegotiated when the contract ends, colleagues need to spend more time on administration and paperwork and more bills need to be validated. Our largest industrial, manufacturing and leisure clients have multiple sites for their business so that’s why we created our own in-house multi-site management solution.

Our technical experts designed our client platform in partnership with our customers so it would be industry ready and save time, help manage contracts and assist the finance team with their duties.

We also build bespoke solutions for each customer that can be integrated with your existing technology through the use of APIs. When the time comes to renegotiate your business energy contracts we have full access to your energy usage, carbon emissions data and an agreed upon strategy for procurement. This enables us to swiftly access the live market and, with our excellent supplier relationships, compare over 30 different energy companies for the best price, terms and contract.

Technology-Driven Solutions

If your business is a highly intensive energy user, then you will likely have more than one meter per business location. This can apply to businesses like hotels, data centres, industrial and manufacturing organisations and laundry services.

Managing these meters and maintaining an understanding of the energy you have consumed and paid for can be complex. The same can be said if you are a care home – or other multi-site business -and have 10 locations, this can be challenging to manage the contracts and payments. If you fail to renew your contract when the term concludes then you’ll move to out of contract rates, which are significantly higher than your existing contract.

That’s why businesses trust eyebright with their energy contracts. We take the responsibility of managing your current deals and aim to structure a manageable solution where your energy is consolidated, contracts are streamlined and you have more purchasing power.

Business Sub-Metering

Landlords may have tenants that require their own meter and a sub-metering solution can be developed and managed. We’ve assisted one partner with over 300 meter installs since the inception of our relationship and manage the agreement on their behalf. Sub-metering can be implemented for retail services, commercial buildings and some residential properties.

A sub-meter ensure each tenant is given an accurate bill, enables you to monitor the energy usage throughout the building and assess carbon emissions data too.

Business Energy Solutions Multi-SiteComparing Multi-Site Contracts

There are various solutions to managing multi-site energy contracts for businesses. We have supported our customers to streamline their contracts and minimise the amount of unnecessary time they spend managing agreements.

Regardless if you have two or 100 different business locations or meters, we have a simple solution that will alleviate the administration headache. Our energy experts have spent decades understanding the market and solving problems on behalf of our clients and we can help you too.

We’re transparent when we approach relationships, which is why we would be delighted to demonstrate just what our technology can do and how it can save your business time and money. You can arrange a free consultation by completing the form below or calling 0141 530 4152.

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