Focus on: Kettle Collective

In our “Focus on” series, we want to spotlight some of our favourite customer cases. Cases where we could help a great company by taking away unnecessary cost, hassle and frustration and really make a difference. Kettle Collective is a group of international architects led by Tony Kettle. Although based in Edinburgh, they regularly demonstrate their calibre with impressive architecture, urban and interior design projects overseas in UAE, USA, and Russia.

The situation

Poor connectivity was having a detrimental effect on the business as Kettle Collective work overseas and the sending and receiving of large files is extremely important for their business. When Colin Bone, the Managing Director, was approached by a local BT Local Business representative, he was told that there was no fibre available at his premises and that there would not be any available for the foreseeable future in the centre of Edinburgh, and that consequently a leased line would be his only option.

He agreed to proceed with the order in February 2016 and, due to the urgency, was told that the process should take no longer than 90 days. Colin tried to keep regular correspondence with BT, but the replies were tedious; the projected completion date slipped and slipped and he was hardly receiving any updates when requested. When the date was moved to November 2016, he saw no other choice but to cancel the order and find another solution as this was business critical.

He was advised that BT Openreach would raise a cease charge. In the “Cancellation” section in the Important Information sheet of the order form, it states: “If you cancel your contract before equipment has been delivered or the service is operational and we have incurred costs associated with providing you with the Service you will be charged cancellation charges”. He doubted that BT had incurred any costs from cancelling his order other than admin fees as equipment was not delivered. Moreover, he felt that he never received a “Service”; on the contrary. his unacceptable experience should be reason enough to waive an alleged liability. Colin received a bill from BT requesting £4,560 for cancelling his order.

The process

Since Colin kept records of his correspondence with BT and all relevant documents, we were able to draft a complaint letter on his behalf outlining the the situation in detail and the potential need to escalate this to Ofcom.

In the meantime, we explored possible options for Colin to improve his unacceptable internet situation. Contrary to BT’s verdict about fibre in Edinburgh City Centre, there have been developments and for many post codes, CityFibre and Virgin “Voom” Fibre are now available.

The result

BT decided to wave the full amount of £4,560 and we managed to sign Kettle Collective up for fast and reliable CityFibre through our supplier Highnet.

It’s great to see that businesses stand up for their rights and we were more than happy to give Colin a voice. We are sure the company will be able to complete their amazing projects without further frustration due to slow and unreliable internet!

If you are in a similar situation, or simply want us to look into your utilities, please contact us today!

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