9 ways your hospitality business can monetise free WiFi for guests

Free WiFi used to be a pleasant surprise for customers and selling point for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and tourist attractions. In the highly competitive hospitality industry, free Wifi has long become an expectation of the customer and is critical for long-term success. However, some hospitality businesses hesitate at the thought of providing it as they think that it isn’t worth it. We say: It is! Not just for the customer but especially for you.

WiFi is a necessity for business travellers and an increasing percentage of leisure travellers. In a recent survey carried out by a UK hotel chain, 67% of the participants said that free WiFi was most important factor when it came to choosing a hotel. Here are some more facts:

Don’t restrict your guests by making it harder for them to share their (positive) experience on social media and review sites, calling friends and family at home via FaceTime or Skype, or check directions, local travel trips, and train and flight times. Your foreign guests who cannot resort to using their mobile data allowance will even depend on finding free WiFi at their destination, and domestic guests will be delighted to have access to high speed internet through your WiFi in areas where 4G isn’t covered.

Moreover, more time will be spent on your premises. Whether it be a bar, restaurant or hotel, guests are more likely to stay longer if they are connected to the WiFi. This a bonus for all businesses as it means more money is being spent within the business e.g. food and drinks.

Here are some suggestions on how you can easily offset the cost for offering free WiFi and even earn additional revenue from it:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction

    (and avoid negative online reviews based on the unavailability of WiFi…)

  2. Raise brand awareness

    through a branded registration and connection experience.

  3. Become more appealing to business travellers.

    A recent study revealed that 50% travel planners in the UK anticipate the number of business trips to increase in 2017, and almost one third of travellers are expected to have more budget available for business trips than in the previous year. (Source: AirPlus International Travel Management Study 2017)

  4. Learn who your customers are and what they need.

    User data captured automatically and on demand in the login process allow you to target them more accurately and plan future campaigns for lookalike audiences.

  5.  Increase engagement with your content

    by redirecting guests to your app or a social media

  6. Offer third party banner advertising opportunities

    on landing pages, apps and website forwarding and generate additional revenue through commissions.

  7. Restrict access to unsuitable sites.

    (can never hurt…) If you like always being on the safe side, read up on common public WiFi security mistakes in one of our previous posts.

  8. Encourage and facilitate reviews on TripAdvisor etc.

    e.g. through redirects and app integrations.

  9. Keep your customers informed with offers and upcoming events

    e.g. on the landing page.

Don’t risk getting left behind! If you have any questions regarding your business WiFi and would like to discuss your options, just get in touch!

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