#GameZero – First Major Net Zero Carbon Football Game

GameZero Chelsea Spurs

The Premier League in England will host the first net zero carbon game of football on the 19th September when Chelsea visit Tottenham Hotspur. Supported by COP26 and the English Premier League, the fixture will be called #GameZero. The intention is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions as much as possible and offset the remainder through natural projects.

The process involves educating fans and encouraging them to take positive steps to minimise their own carbon footprint, so what will happen

What Changes Will We See?

A report published earlier this year by the Sport Positive Summit found Tottenham Hotspur were the greenest Premier League club and they’re striving to do more.

The club are encouraging fans of both teams to:

  1. Use public transport – Free shuttle buses will be available on the day, including a net zero carbon coach service.
  2. Cycle to the match if possible – the club can accommodate space for 180 bikes to be parked and items like helmets and removable seats can be taken into the ground.
  3. Eat responsibly at the match – there’s locally sourced and sustainable food options at the stadium.
  4. Recycle waste – With clearly marked bins for recycling the club is continuing its “zero to landfill” waste strategy.

However, the #GameZero agenda doesn’t solely rely on fans, but also broadcasters and the clubs. An effort will be made to minimise emissions and reduce energy consumption during the game, both Tottenham and Chelsea will travel to the game on coaches that use biofuel and plastic bottles will be swapped for cartons.

Carbon measurement firm RSK will measure the emissions and create a baseline to then assess what the carbon output on the day totalled.

Daniel Levy, Chairman at Tottenham Hotspur, said: “We are delighted to be the chosen partner of Sky on this ground-breaking initiative that will demonstrate the role our game can play in addressing the urgent issue of climate change.

“As the Premier League’s greenest club, Tottenham Hotspur is passionate about our planet – we look forward to showcasing our wide range of sustainable measures that are already in place and encouraging our fans to take simple actions that can make a huge difference.”

An Exciting Opportunity For Change

This football game represents an exciting opportunity to measure the carbon emissions created from just one game of football. Critics may point to the fact that both teams play in London so the carbon emissions from alternative Premier League fixtures will be higher, however it’s the first step to recording and analysing the data. There’s also an action plan to offset the surplus carbon emissions that are created. We are looking forward to viewing the data; especially if there will be analysis of Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

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