How to keep your fans and your business connected with stadium WiFi

Free WiFi in arenas and stadiums used to be a pleasant surprise for spectators. It has become an expectation. More and more clubs each day are choosing to upgrade to free stadium WiFi, and by doing so they choose to upgrade their business model. By meeting the demands of your fans with free stadium WiFi, you cannot only create the perfect fan experience, but also valuable new business opportunities and the perfect base for your Online Marketing strategy. eyebright will show you how.

Offering free stadium WiFi is a pro-active marketing investment and potential additional revenue stream for your club:

  • Enhance the fan experience through high speed connectivity, especially where 4G isn’t covered.
  • Automatically collect valuable information on customers, the devices they use, and much more.
  • Exchange free Wi-Fi for social media engagement – such as shares or likes – or a sign-up to a mailing list.
  • Build a strong infrastructure for other applications; such as ticket buying, seat ordering, or affiliate marketing with 3rd parties such as betting platforms.
  • Create sponsorship opportunities on your landing page, apps and website forwarding.
  • Restrict access to unsuitable or non-sponsored sites to prevent harm and influence online behaviour.

Learn from those who already do it!

In 2014, Celtic FC launched the first full-stadium high-density WiFi network with a dedicated matchday entertainment app in the UK. Not only did they solved the issue of flawed 3G and 4G across their 60,000-seat stadium; the stadium WiFi also enables fans to for vote for man of the match, order at-seat catering, place bets during the game and stream video to their mobiles to view instant replays. It also contributes to business development through new revenue opportunities such as commissions from pushing traffic to external retail partners like Betfred, and more attractive sponsorship offerings.

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