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Over the past three months we’ve noticed a trend, with businesses actively contacting us for a second opinion and guidance. We’re happy to oblige and always offer an honest assessment of the situation.

Energy prices have risen sharply over the past two years and it’s been difficult for decision makers to know what to do for the best. More recently, this has led to interesting conversations where we’ve offered a free consultancy review.

Examples of conversations include concerned parties seeking our opinion on flex contracts that have been mismanaged, customers being pressured to sign a deal to “avoid their energy being turn off” and questions about whether the latest fixed term deal is right for them. These conversations happen across both the SME and I&C markets.

At financially difficult times, business owners and decision makers need additional support so they’re aware of what’s happening in the market, how it could impact their business and comfort to know there’s support available from experienced and reliable consultants. That’s what we strive to offer to every eyebright customer.

Is it all black and white?

There have been plenty of instances where we believe the consultant has acted in the best interest of their client and explained our justifications. In other scenarios, the client has been given advice or a product that may not have been appropriate for their circumstances.

Businesses trust their energy consultant to assist them with a comprehensive range of services. For instance, in the property sector, our partners value our administrative and technological support. Our multi-site customers comment that the purchasing agreements we deliver make their lives easier and in many other sectors we help businesses remain compliant and ensure their paperwork is filed on time and accurately.

At eyebright we educate business leaders on the decisions they need to make, always providing honest advice. We ensure clients are treated fairly and serve as an extension of their business. We also recruit experienced industry professionals from suppliers and other TPIs to deliver a wealth of knowledge for our clients. Finally, we don’t have preferential suppliers and that means we can provide extensive analysis and robust recommendations.

In many circumstances, customers may not understand their product or have been recommended a product that may not have been appropriate for their needs. Businesses that enquire for a second opinion often say they feel they aren’t receiving an end-to-end service including invoice validation, CCL advice, consumption monitoring, relevant market analysis, renewable strategy information, compliance support and change of tenancy services. More than ever, we encourage you to obtain a second opinion if you feel uncomfortable with your product or advice.

Can we talk?

Of course, we would be delighted to have a conversation. We offer transparent reviews, without the obligation to continue to use our service. Furthermore, we’ll explain our advice so you’re empowered to make informed decisions to manage your business effectively.

In a volatile market, such as utilities at present, it’s prudent to ask if you’re receiving a comprehensive service that meets your needs. To speak to an experienced utilities Director at eyebright, please call 0800 055 3800.



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