Business Challenges & Sustainability in 2022

The last two years have been difficult for many businesses and specific sectors have been affected more than most. From recession to Brexit and COVID-19 to rising energy prices, it’s been a challenging time to lead a business.

At eyebright we support businesses with whatever difficulties they face, providing a holistic energy strategy to save time, effort and money. We integrate our support firmly into the foundation of your organisation to better understand the operation and strengthen our relationship. With our experienced and comprehensive support, we know the frustrations businesses face on a daily basis, however we’re by your side to advise you on your options and help you achieve your objectives.

Developing a Sustainability Strategy

We have helped organisations across the UK with their sustainability strategy and new research confirms it’s one of the top priorities for businesses.

Gazprom Energy has released its latest statistics in their report, Road to Net-Zero, that questions the primary challenges for medium to large companies in the UK. The findings detailed how business leaders are focused on reducing consumption (74%) and want to reduce budgets (73%). After these two objectives, 69% want to meet their sustainability targets.

The report also found the majority (65%) of business had created a sustainability plan and 40% were focussed on becoming a zero-carbon company. Two-thirds of respondents believed that sustainability would become more prominent over the next few years.

Green energy was also a factor for medium to large businesses, with 74% very likely or fairly likely to choose a renewable energy supplier when it’s time to renew their contract.

Preparing For Net-Zero

Despite the majority of medium to large organisations being prepared and working towards becoming carbon neutral, there’s still 31% that don’t believe sustainability is a primary objective. Also, fewer than half of the companies surveyed made a net-zero commitment.

Many of the organisations we support have taken steps to source local, renewable and environmentally friendly energy with our assistance. If you have ambitions to design a bespoke utilities strategy that centres around renewable energy, offers greater oversight of your usage and minimises the time you and your colleagues spend on administration, then eyebright can help you.

Jonathan Reeves, Director at eyebright believes, “Having a defined energy strategy has never been more important, understanding your goals from both a fiscal and carbon perspective are more intertwined than ever before. Based on my experience over the last 24 months, the pandemic coupled with the volatility of the energy market has lead most businesses to rethink how they go about managing their position. Cost is always going to be a major driver but increased pressure on supply chains to go green cannot be ignored. Designing and implementing a cohesive strategy that ticks the boxes of both internal stakeholders and external supply chains is a challenge, but one that can and should be embraced as it often comes with an abundance of opportunity.”

We can create cost effective solutions set around your objectives that integrate with our in-house platform. To find out more about sustainability for your organisation, bespoke utility strategies and our revolutionary technology, please get in touch.

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