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We are always delighted when we get the chance to really demonstrate our expertise and knowledge by helping a local business with a particularly tricky situation or securing savings that really make a difference. In this blog post, we would therefore like to share our journey with Aulds, one of our favourite clients (and favourite sausage rolls).

The situation

We were invited by Aulds to review their current utilities arrangements for their three bakeries and chain of outlets situated throughout Scotland. Although they were already engaged with a commercial energy broker, we were confident we could identify cost saving opportunities and offer full mid-contract support that would free up resources in the company.

The process

We successfully renegotiated Aulds water contract and and arranged an exit from their current supplier with no penalty fees.


Using our extensive network of gas suppliers, we were able to secure a highly competitive rate on a long term agreement that offered Aulds the budget security they were looking for along with a healthy saving against their current supplier’s renewal offer.


For the electricity agreement, we reviewed the customer’s current tariff structure and established what was important for Aulds moving forward. We then arranged for a long term agreement with all pass through elements fixed to remove all market risk, and implemented a billing solution that fitted a large energy user like Aulds.

By validating Aulds utility bills, we ensured that Aulds are neither under or overcharging from estimated reads. We could also assist Aulds in paraking in the Climate Charge Levy reduction scheme.

The results

  • Savings against renewal
  • Budget certainty for electricity, gas and water rates
  • Protection against all Third Party Costs and Pass Through Charges.
  • Ongoing mid-contract support from a dedicated eyebright Account Manager
  • Participation in Climate Charge Levy reduction scheme

We take great care in building relationships with our clients and in turn we have been impressed with the loyalty Aulds have shown to their suppliers, they were a pleasure to work with on the project and we look forward to developing our relationship with Aulds as our businesses grow.

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